Russian & Ukrainian Anti-Scam Guide

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Ukrainian and Russian dating scam is one of the most serious problems in the world of International online dating. We all know that there are a lot of scam artists out there that are willing to take advantage of a lonely Western man, by running a Ukrainian and Russian dating scam. These scam artists will use a person emotionally needs, in order to get money or even to steal their identity.

The Ukrainian women scam artist specializes in getting a man to fall for a woman by sending pictures and love letters, until they finally ask for money. Usually, the reason will be to get the woman to wherever the man lives, so that they can be together. Another type of Ukrainian dating scam happens when a person has a profile that shows inaccurate pictures.

You say that you know all this and you do not need to repeat the information again. I disagree with you. Almost every week, I get messages from my readers who tell me that they sent money to a Ukrainian/Russian woman with whom they were talking a few weeks and who they’ve never met in person, and then she disappeared. Moreover, the men tell me about dating agencies and sites that scam them.

And why? Because the men do not know the simple rules how to avoid Ukrainian and Russian dating scams. The sad truth is that the scams could cost you time, money, and even heart ache in the long run.

ukraine anti-scam guide

Thus, Krystyna created a short scam guide. By the time you finish reading this anti-scam guide, you will know how to recognize a scammer, how to identify and avoid Ukrainian and Russian pro-daters, how to verify the true identity of a Ukrainian bride on a dating site and how to choose the dedicated International dating site and agency.

Learn about potential red flags in Ukrainian online dating and four types of Ukrainian & Russian dating scammers. Also, you’ll find three examples of Ukrainian and Russian dating scam in Krystyna’s guide, so that you will avoid scams knowing how they work. Krystyna gathered this useful information from her Ukrainian dating blog and submitted all the articles on Ukrainian and Russian dating scam in one Ebook.

What my readers say about the anti-scam ebook:

Hi Krystyna; I want to thank you for your guide against scam that you published here. I hope it makes easier for me to find a lovely woman that may become my wife in the future.

Keep going.

The best part is the guide is free

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